Sprayberry Corrals & Mini Pals - Pony parties*petting zoo*train rides; a childs dream come true!
Packages & Prices are found on this page, please scroll down to view information. If interested in booking a party, please fill out the "custom form" with your preferred options and submit. I will be in contact with you within 24-48 hrs to confirm availability. Once date/time is confirmed, I will send you a party agreement that will need to be filled out and returned with a $50.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your requested date/time.
Holiday Party
Guest of Honor
Date of Birth
Party Theme
Party Location
On site @ Sprayberry Corrals & Mini Pals
Approximate number of children attending party/event
Average age of children attending
Approximate weight of children
Preferred Date
Preferred Time
Pony Package Only.
1 Pony 1 1/2 hrs $250.00
2 Ponies 1 1/2 hrs $350.00
3 Ponies 1 1/2 hrs $450.00
4-5 Pony Carousel 1 1/2 hrs $1500.00
Zoo Package Only - Consist of at least 2-3 each: Goats, Rabbits, Ducks, Pigs, Chicks/Chickens
Zoo 1 1/2 hrs $300.00
Pony + Zoo Packages
1 Pony + Zoo $450.00
2 Ponies + Zoo $550.00
3 Ponies + Zoo $650.00
Pony Carousel + Zoo Packages
4-5 Ponies + Zoo 1 1/2 hrs $1800.00
TRAIN: Only onsite at Sprayberry Corrals & Mini Pals. Sorry for the inconvenience but we are not traveling with the train at this time. Train will accommodate up to 18 children/adults.
Train Only 1 1/2 hrs $300.00
Train + one of the other packages $150.00
30 Min $75.00
60 Min $125.00
90 Min $175.00
Pictures of event/party on CD $75.00
Hotdog Machine (you supply the hotdogs) $25.00
Popcorn Machine w/popcorn $25.00
MILEAGE: Unfortunately, due to the increasing diesel fuel prices, we must add an additional fuel fee to travel to you. Save money by booking your party at Sprayberry Corrals & Mini Pals, you get the use of a jumper, tables and chairs at no additional cost!
Midland/Greenwood/Stanton $60.00
Gardendale/Odessa/Big Spring $75.00
Outside above area, email or call for pricing.
Special Request
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